Tweet With Multimedia, The Easy Way!

Twitizer enables you to tweet images, audio and long messages (also in combination) from your mobile phone or PC, making the Twitter experience much more fun and expressive.

Go beyond basic tweeting at your favorite artist's concert, your family vacation on the beach, your bachelor party, your wedding, your vacation trip, your child's birthday, etc etc. The sky's the limit!


This picture shows the principle:



Benefits of Twitizer, beyond what Twitter provides:

  • Twitizer messages can contain any amount of text. Tweets are limited to 140 characters.
  • Supports converting e-mails to tweets. Twitter doesn't support this.
  • Twitizer is optimized to be a media service. Twitter is optimized for short notes.
  • Full-resolution pictures can be downloaded by any user. Twitter doesn't provide full-resolution pictures, and pictures are compressed aggressively.
  • Up to 200 pictures or other media can be uploaded per message/tweet (currently only via e-mail). Twitter currently only allows 4.
  • Possible to edit message texts (both subject and long message) at any time. Tweets can't be edited.
  • If the message has a location, it will be shown as a map directly on the message page, unless deactivated.
  • Twitizer Uploader makes uploading media very simple. Twitter clients are harder to use for that specific purpose.
  • Messages and timelines can be shared easily to any destination.
  • Messages can be rated.

To register

  • You register to Twitizer by using Login. Your Twitter password is not visible to Twitizer.
  • In return you get an account at Twitizer and an alias to use when sending e-mails or MMS's to Twitizer.

Tweet via Twitizer Uploader

  • Install Uploader from Google Play. See the Twitizer Uploader page for more information.
  • Create or select what you want to upload.
  • Write a message.
  • Click on Upload.
  • The first time you need to grant permission to submit tweets to your account.

Tweet via e-mail or MMS

  • Write a message and possibly attach one or more multmedia files.
  • Send the message to your Twitizer alias, looking similar to fido1234@twitizer.com.
  • Please note that it can take up to a minute for Twitizer to grab and publish the message.

Tweet via Twitizer

  • Login to Twitizer.
  • Write a message (possibly long) in the message field.
  • Click on Upload to select a multimedia file to upload.
  • Click on Send.

To view

  • Anyone reading your Twitter stream sees your tweet and can click on the embedded link.
  • The first picture will be shown directly in the tweet.
  • Twitizer then opens a page showing the message and related content.
  • Long messages and photos are shown, and audio clips are played, directly on the page.
  • Messages with GPS position show an interactive map.
  • Visitors can rate and comment on your message provided they are logged in.
  • Your message will also be listed on the Home and Timeline pages.

To unregister

  • If you feel that you absolutely have to leave us (yet we hope you won't), you can Unregister. Please note that if you do, all your content published on Twitizer will be gone too.


  • You can actually send several photos etc in the same MMS or e-mail, and they will all be shown on the same landing page.
  • Use Twitizer Uploader or e-mail instead of MMS to save on cost, and to be able to send larger files, even though MMS can in cases be more convenient.
  • While logged in you can rotate your own pictures, and they will stay that way.
  • Messages are limited to 244 megabytes in size, and photos can be max 38 megapixels.
  • Other file formats than multimedia are disabled for now, due to the risk of viruses.