Twitizer Uploader for Android

Share Your Experiences with Twitizer Uploader!

Twitizer Uploader makes it very easy to tweet photos, audio and long messages, making the Twitter experience much more fun and expressive.

Go beyond short text tweeting at your favorite artist's concert, your family vacation on the beach, your bachelor party, your wedding, your vacation trip, your child's birthday, etc etc. The sky's the limit!


Twitizer Uploader is available for free download at Google Play.


Before you can use Twitizer Uploader, please Login to your Twitter account. This creates your own page at Twitizer where all your content will be accessed.

  1. Start Twitizer Uploader, or access it via sharing from another app
  2. Create or choose a photo or audio file, and/or write a long message
  3. Write a Twitter status
  4. Press Upload
  5. Repeat from 2 until you (re)tire


  • The first time you Upload you are asked to login to the same Twitter account as you did at
  • Status and Message are saved between uploads, so you can send several photos etc with the same information.
  • You can share content from another app.
  • You can also send multimedia messages via e-mail, MMS or at


  • By default your rough location is included with the upload. You can shut that off entirely or set a finer precision via Location method in the menu.
  • Note that GPS draws more power than other methods, and doesn't work indoors, but provides much higher precision.
  • If you set Location method to Fine/Coarse, Uploader will automatically switch to a coarse location if GPS is not available.


The application should work on any Android phone, but we don't guarantee it, as there's no possibility to test on every phone. Let us know if you run into any problems.